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Frequently Asked Dentistry Questions

In our experience, an informed patient is usually a healthy patient, so we’re always happy to answer questions people have about their teeth and their dental care. Below, we’ve gone ahead and answered some of our most common FAQs, but if there is anything else you’re curious about, don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask! There are no silly questions, and we’re always eager to talk to you.

When should I get a checkup and cleaning?

Dr. Anjomi (as well as the American Dental Association) recommends that patients of all ages should receive at least one checkup and cleaning every six months, even if they aren’t experiencing any issues with their teeth. These appointments allow us to catch minor issues before they become worse and stop many before they even begin.

One of my teeth really hurts. What should I do?

Thoroughly clean around the tooth by rinsing and flossing, and if the pain continues, go ahead and give our dental office a call. You probably have a dental infection, and waiting will only allow it to become worse. We’ll schedule an appointment to see you right away, but in the meantime, you can take an OTC medication or use a cold compress to provide some temporary relief.

Do store bought whitening treatments really work?

While the kits you’ll find at the store will lighten your teeth, the results will probably be barely noticeable to anyone but yourself. If you want to make your smile six, seven, or even eight shades brighter, it’s best to get a professional treatment from our team. We use a bleaching gel much stronger than those you can buy on your own, and thanks to our experience, we know how to apply it to create the most dramatic change possible. Even better, you can quickly whiten your teeth in a single visit to our dental office or use one of our custom take-home kits!

How long will it take to fix my cavity/broken tooth?

It really depends on the extent of the damage. For a minor issue, Dr. Anjomi can probably repair your tooth in a single visit using a tooth-colored filling. If the tooth is in real trouble, however, she may choose to cover it with a dental crown, which takes about two appointments to design and place. Regardless, the end result should be a strong, natural-looking tooth you can trust to last for decades.

Can I straighten my teeth without metal braces?

Yes! With ClearCorrect or Invisalign, we can correct crooked, crowded, and gapped teeth using clear plastic aligner trays that no one around you will notice. These discreet treatments are just as effective as regular braces, and they’re often able to deliver final results in just a year! To figure out which one would be best for you, we recommend scheduling a FREE orthodontic consultation at our dental office.

Will you take my dental insurance?

Most likely, yes! Newton Corner Dental Care accepts and is in-network with most PPO dental insurance plans, and we’re able to work with many out-of-network policies as well. Give us a call today to learn how we can use your plan to help you save.

I don’t have dental insurance. Is there another way to make my care more affordable?

Yes! Our dental office is partnered with CareCredit, a third-party financier that offers our patients low-to-no interest payment plans to break up the cost of their treatments. You can find a plan and even sign up for it through our website by clicking the link on our New Patients page.

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