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Why Has My Toothache Suddenly Disappeared?

April 9, 2023

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Sometimes, it may seem like a serious toothache can come out of nowhere, and that you can go from feeling perfectly all right to terribly uncomfortable. However, the truth is more complicated—toothaches are generally a consequence of long-standing oral health problems or serious damage to the tooth.

Some people also find that their toothaches vanish just as soon as they appeared, and wonder if the problem hasn’t sorted itself out. Unfortunately, that also tends to miss something else that’s going on. Here’s what it could mean if a severe toothache seemed to disappear all at once.

Why Did My Toothache Disappear?

There are a few reasons why toothaches come about, and one of the most common is an infection that has worked its way deep into the tooth. This can lead to a condition known as pulpitis, where the bacteria begin to attack the nerve tissue within the tooth.

This will initially be very uncomfortable, but eventually, the damage can become so severe that the nerve tissue is destroyed completely. When that happens, you may no longer feel the toothache at all, despite the fact that the problem is worse than ever.

Do I Have to Treat a Toothache I Can’t Feel?

If you don’t treat an infection that is deep within your nerve tissue, it’ll only progress further as time goes on. Eventually, the bacterial infection can seep beneath the gum line and begin to attack the bone tissue, which can eventually lead to tooth loss and degradation of the jaw.

To avoid this, you should treat a toothache as quickly as possible, even if you find that it mysteriously disappears.

How Are These Kinds of Toothaches Treated?

When you see a dentist to treat a really painful toothache, they’ll usually recommend root canal therapy. The dentist will open a hole in the tooth and painlessly remove the infected pulp. They’ll then fill the tooth with dental plastic and cover it with a dental crown.

In extreme cases where root canals aren’t possible, the tooth as a whole may need to be removed. This will alleviate any discomfort you’re feeling, but more than that, it’ll prevent the infection within the tooth from spreading.

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